Deleting attachment in bear-notes can't undo

Testing version: Version 2.0 (11504)

What were you doing: I open bear-note, select attachment, delete it (in my case I selected attachment and entered some symbols), open another bear-note, go back to my first bear-note and try to undo deleting attachment but with no success.

What feature did you use: Undo action

What happened: I lost my attachments in Bear-note without possibility to recover

What did you expect to happen: Possibility to undo removing attachment

Did someone see this bug? It really could be critical because you can lost your data.

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So the really cool features of my lovely Bear could lost my data because of this bug.
P.S. In Version 2.0.1 (11708) the problem still exists.


Iā€™m afraid this is expected at the moment. As in Notes, the editor undo buffer works only for the currently selected note. If you switch note the buffer get lost. I can see how this can be lead to data loss but having a shared undo buffer across notes is not the correct solution in our opinion. Note version is history is the way to go to avoid this.


Totally agree. Thank you for answer. Version history really good way. Hope it will come in future.