No feedback from the Bear team

I’ve been browsing through this community and have found a lot of great feature requests and feedback. However, I’m missing responses from the Bear team, and it seems to be more of a rule than an exception.

It discourages me from writing anything in the future when I see that similar posts have gone unanswered for months or even years.

When you announced the “start of a new community” I hoped this would change, but I’m disappointed.

Does anyone else feel the same way?

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I understand why you feel the way you do, as it would be nice if they participated in more of the topics. However, Shiny Frog is a very small team, and with the popularity of the app, it could get overwhelming pretty fast if they had to reply to more than those things they have an opinion on. I’ve been in this community for quite a while now, and my perception is that they acknowledge and participate in threads when it really matters. just my two cents.


I know it can be overwhelming. And what really matters is individual, right? When you post five feature requests and none of them get any response, you’re not likely to create another.

I don’t want to spread negativity; I just want to understand the real purpose of this forum. Maybe I just misunderstood it.

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We read everything written here and keep track of all the requests but generally speaking, We are more interested in how the discussion around one specific request evolves without our intervention. One reason for this is we (as Bear users) most likely don’t have a specific use for the requested feature and we like to understand the use case behind it first.

We are inclined to not give a yes or no answer on requests for different reasons. In some cases, We need a general idea about how much delays other developments (mostly the web version right now) or if it touch other sides of the app first. In other cases, We are not sure we can make the feature work, how much time it will take, or whether issues will emerge during development. Both scenarios require meetings and research.

I guess We can write this on every request but please… have mercy, we are programmers after all.


Thank you, that’s all I wanted to know :crossed_fingers: Take care, guys.

And what really matters is individual, right? When you post five feature requests and none of them get any response, you’re not likely to create another.

It depends. What really matters for me (provided small team with restricted capacity) is good app. If somebody will get most satisfaction when customer care managers bombard user forums with “thank your for your great ideas, we will definitely discuss it with our team”, but then producing lousy app, this is not my expectation.

I do not say that we should never receive response from the developers or something but this is really small team. And @trix180 answer is important - by intervening into discussion (like “we will consider this” etc) they will just cut the discussion too early IMO. When somebody’s suggestion is promoted into “official consideration”, why to discuss it any further in user thread etc. So I like this approach more and I am sure that they are listening - based on many features implementing recently (like better folding, better view of heading h1 h2 syntax etc - these are features which were originally quite critised by many of us here)