Not able to close a wiki link to new note with button from iOS bar

The wiki link button on iOS works so das as expected: it sets the squared double brackets and by typing you get the autocomplete list. BUT if you type a name of a new note the autocomplete list disappears so that you have to set the closing squared double brackets on your own. The wiki link button however always sets opening brackets so that I always end with this:


Do I oversee something?

I think you meant to use the wiki link button to close the link when clicked a second time. If this is the case, that’s not how it’s supposed to work because understating when opening [[ or closing ‘]]’ the link based on the caret position is sometimes impossible.

Wouldn’t it then make sense that the button opens both, the opening and the closing squared brackets?

Made a quick test by manually adding both sides of the brackets and placing cursor in the middle. By writing text inside of the brackets everything works expected: the autocomplete list opens, a name of a new note closes this list and enter causes jumping out of the brackets. So why not let the button write exactly that behaviour?

  • type thatisanewnote
  • select / highlight it
  • tap new note icon in toolbar
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