Wikilinks not working on iOS

Testing version:
Latest iOS Version

What were you doing:
Adding a wiki link inside of double square brackets

What feature did you use:
Wiki links on iPhone App

What happened:
Wikilink is written but a press on it doesn‘t open the link

What did you expect to happen:
Opening of the wikilink

I’m seeing this issue too, however, there are two workarounds:

  1. Add a couple newlines below the wikilink
  2. Type some stuff
  3. The wikilink should now be working


  1. Open a different note
  2. Go back to the note with the new wikilink in it
  3. Tap the wikilink and it will now work

All existing wikilinks seem to work fine.

found that I can press into it by dismissing the keyboard

It’s a problem on iPad when you have a physical keyboard attached, the wikilinks seem not to work.