NOtes view as l ist

Has anyone already submitted a request that notes in the notes list, left of the editor, may also be shown as just a list, without the thumbnails. I can’t really see the contents of the thumbnails anyway so they’re not much use to me.

My own personal preference is that the note view show as many notes as possible in this view, so maybe an option to toggle dates, tags and the note summary, etc on and off. My ideal is that of the file macOS file view, nicely compact and legible. The argument pro this is that you get more of an overview of your note structure.

I can also see a use for a file system type browser for hashtags with notes that contain them as children. Collapsable, obviously.

I am not sure but i believe that will come in bear 2.0. I think i have read it somewhere here or in reddit

Yes, and it’s our intention to give note list display options in order to see more notes in the list and not display image attachments.


To get rid of the images is a good point for me. But in regard to the text i would rather have the feature to show more than 2 lines. I would prefer 4 or even 5. Do you consider that also as an option?

No, this is an option we are not considered so far. Do you mind tell me the reason for 4/5 text lines? What’s you use case?

It shows more context and tells me more about the content of the note so that i can see what the note is about. That is especially useful when using search.