Show link previews in list view

I’d like to be able to see link previews in the list view. This would allow me to use a list of notes as a visual collection to quickly browse and visually find notes I’m looking for. In particular, this would be really helpful for recipe links that I save in Bear.

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What do you mean with list view?

I was just going to create a post about links preview. Not sure if it’s the same @mbxtr is asking, but would be great if we could mouse over a note link (eg. you have a note with some text + links to other bear notes) mouse over and see a little sneak peek of it (eg. first paragraphs).
Also, have the same on the backlinks list would be awesome (although not as important, since the backlinks panel already show the first words of the doc).

My use case for it is that sometimes I have several links to notes that act as resources of my main note, and the titles might be similar or I might forget where is what I’m looking (this would be a nice quality of life - at least for me :slight_smile: )

a quick mock:


Notion is doing that, and it looks good! I agree, that would be cool.

I think I understand now what you are looking for. Wouldn’t it be the most obvious thing to do in your scenario to use the up and down keys to scroll through the notes in the articles list?

In the same way that I can see photos in the list view, I’d like to see link previews in the list view. In this screenshot, you can see an image for “Easy Teriyaki Chicken Recipe”, because it has photo in the note.

If I tap into “BBQ Half Chicken with Alabama White Sauce” you can see that there is a link preview in the note view.

Ideally, I’d like for that preview to show up in the list view in the same way that photos do.

No, because for one I want to be able to scroll up and down smoothly and see multiple at once and for two I want to do this on mobile which accounts for a large amount of my Bear usage.

I think that for now my workaround will be to just include my own photo in recipe notes that I want to be able to scroll through instead of sing the link preview.

I would love to see this too! I asked about it one year-ish ago here: Link hover preview

In general, immediate hover previews make reading knowledge dense texts much, much easier. Not by chance Wikipedia does it too :slight_smile:

This would be perfect for Bear (if added). It’s part of my workflow using another app (but I really want to bring everything into Bear and not relying on other apps for some use cases :smile: )

I would like this. Maybe just have it show up when you press the option or control key and hover over the object.

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That’s exactly what I would like to see in Bear!

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