Numbered list with multi-line text is misaligned

Testing version: Version 2.0.7 (11876)

What were you doing: Make a numbered list where the paragraph extends to multiple lines.

What happened: The first line is not aligned with the rest of the lines.

What did you expect to happen: For all the lines in a numbered list paragraph to be aligned/indented identically.

Notes: This doesn’t happen with bullets, just with numbered lists. Tested on macOS and iOS.

Steps to reproduce: Paste this into Bear and see for yourself:

1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed eu gravida lacus. Pellentesque a dictum sapien, sed tristique orci. Donec at nibh enim. Pellentesque et accumsan elit, ut posuere orci. Aenean semper tristique quam id ullamcorper. Duis faucibus mi et tincidunt fringilla. Morbi efficitur tempus vulputate. Vestibulum vel cursus ante, tincidunt aliquet dolor.

Can you please check if you have a space character before the K in 1. and 2.?
If this is not the case, please send me the note in the screenshot.

There’s no extra space between the 1. and the first capital letter, other than the one required to make a list item in Markdown (by typing number one, a period, and a space).