Odd request to put on dev's radar

OK, I have zero clue if other people need this, but occasionally I’ll put some sensitive information in a note in terms of it can’t change and I’m relying on it to be perfectly intact in the future, like a password or piece of code, and if it changes I’m kind of screwed.

I’d love the ability to “lock” a note, meaning while locked, I can read it, click on links, copy code, etc, but I can’t change anything until I manually unlock the note. I hate having to use other apps specifically or this purpose because then I can’t remember where I stored that one sensitive piece of data.

Is this possible?


If I’m not mistaken this is pretty much the read-only mode.

Yes, but pw protected if possible on some of the more sensitive notes.

Yes, this should definitely work for encrypted notes too.

That would be great. I’ve deleted a few keystrokes here and there without realizing it and luckily Time machine saved me. But when traveling that wouldn’t be something I could rely on.