One off bug where split screen typing was not working

Testing version: ipad 1949

What were you doing: using panda and bear split screen

What feature did you use: typing

What happened: I could not type on my panda notes, although it started working again after reopening the app.

What did you expect to happen: I can type normally

Hi there Eleanor,

Thank you for reporting this.

As you mentioned it was just a once off, it may of just been a glitch or just needed an app restart.

However, if it happens again please let us know and we’ll investigate further.

Hello, I have just encountered this bug again, and it seems like it is due to Panda being unable to be activated as the dominant window. It has started to work again once I clicked the codeblcok, although I am not sure if that can be the trigger.

Before was with Bear split screen and this time is with Notes split screen.

Thank you for providing a screen recording of the issue occurring. This will aid the team when investigating this further.