Open Note in New Window when done for the first time opens it in a very small window

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10936)

What were you doing: Right clicking on a note in the notes list and selecting Open in New Window

What feature did you use: Opening a note in a new window

What happened: The note opened in a small sized new window

What did you expect to happen: The note opens in an adequately sized window

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The quetion is now: what is an adaequate size? In your example the title needs two lines. But apart from that size seems reasonable for me for different reasons:

To determine line length for optimum readability, a good guideline is between 9 and 12 words for unjustified text. Fewer words may cause the sentence structure to break up, and may also result in too many hyphenations. Both of these reduce readability. Source

Furthermore i expect for better handling a reltively smaller size than in the main ui

As far as I can see, Bear will open in the size and position last used by extra windows.

So if you adjust the size and position to what you prefer, then next time, Bear will open new windows to that size (and position if only one extra window)


Yea, I noticed this behaviour today, that’s a great design detail. I’ll change the title of the thread to better represent the issue.