Option to disable saving fold state as extra markup in the document

I often use Panda to work with Markdown files from other tools (e.g., NotePlan), and cluttering them up with extra markup due to folding is nasty. It is currently preventing me from being willing to use folding in Panda at all. I wish there were an option to disable this (and just accept that fold state might not be preserved when the document was reopened in Panda).

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Hi there,

Regarding the fold feature, may I ask what you mean by cluttering it up with extra markup?

Would you be able to provide an example screenshot of this and let us know what part you’re referring to? :slight_smile:

The <!-- {"fold":true} --> comment. Panda hides this, but other editors generally don’t.

I’d rather have an option not to save the fold state in the file at all.

Thank you for the additional information, i’ll pass it onto the team to discuss and consider :slight_smile:

There’s no guarantee that it will be considered for implementation/implemented in the final version, but all feedback that comes in is discussed by the team - so it will be passed on.