Panda release notes 1.0(469)

Hello to our wonderful testing community! We have a few big new or revamped Panda alpha features to test. Grab a beverage and settle in for the details, and we’d love to hear what you think.

What’s new

TL;DR: Header and list folding, a new way to footnote, and todo reordering.

Header and List folding

You can now fold heading sections and lists! Folding can be achieved in multiple ways:

  • Right click on list/header icons and select the “Toggle folding” option
  • ⌘-click on list/header icons
  • Hotkey ⌘’ (uses the current caret position)

Detail on the implementation

We’re currently using the <detail> html tag for the folding implementation, this has some pros and cons:


  • Folding will be be persistent through documents/devices
  • It’s 100% markdown compatible and work nicely with some websites (eg: Github)
  • Doesn’t requires additional metadata


  • The additional markup can be ugly/unwanted
  • Adding/removing a fold is considered an edit of the file

    There are still some bugs/changes we need to make. But before that, we’d like to discuss the current implementation with you folks and we’re open to change the folding behaviour as “layout only” if this doesn’t match your expectations.

Footnotes reborn

Given your feedback, we burned the previous footnotes implementation. Like a phoenix from the ashes, a new, more standard system has taken its place.

  • Text only (no more icon/edit panel), so they are now searchable/readable in the editor
  • Press ⌘⇧E (Format > Footnote) to insert a numbered reference and create a new definition at the end of the text
  • Editing the label of a footnote will also change its label everywhere else in the note


Oh, not much to see here. Just the option to move completed todos to the bottom of the list, and a new todo toggle shortcut.

  • reordering (right click menu or Format -> Todo -> Move Checked to the Bottom)
  • new toggle hotkey ⌘.

Thanks for everything and keep the feedback coming.


Hi @matteo - thanks for this update and the detailed release notes.

I really like these features - the folding feature in particular is really slick and something that I’m sure I’ll use a lot.

Based on my use of folding in Vim the only additional suggestion I’d have is that it might be good to have a menu option to “fold / unfold all” headers in a document - I think that’s a nice to have though to be honest.

Thanks again


Thanks for this update, the list folding feature is great, I really love it.
I use a lot a similar feature in the MindNode app and like mentioned by @modusop it would be very useful to have the possibility to fold /unfold all in once.
Thanks again for all your great work.

Awesome update @matteo and thanks for the communication.

Folding lists are awesome. It is also nice to see the bullets and header icon in the gutter. The body text, however, not being aligned with the rest of the text (especially the headers) is super distracting. I know indented headings have received a robust discussion and my takeaways were most people wanted as much simple, clean alignment as possible. Can you give some clarity if this approach to alignment is finalized or if you were still processing the feedback and considering options for how to handle alignment across headers, body text, and lists?


This is awesome @matteo, the latest panda is just amazing.

My only feedback was gonna be folding, which is quite awesome it’s included.

I can’t wait to get this editor in the release version of bear. Keep up the great work!

Thank you @matteo for this release note.

I’m an Evernote early adopter and after more than 10 years I’m thinking about moving to Bear -which I found useful and beautiful- and to be honest the paragraph/list/header folding will trigger my switch to Bear.

Can you please give an idea of when you think this release will be integrated in Bear ?

Thanks and keep up the great work you do all on the product !

Thanks for the Footer update. I like how this works now.

@matteo A document list sidebar is the one thing I’m really hoping will be released soon.

The folding header and lists look amazing. It’s one of the more useful things I found in notion ( their toggles) and I’m really looking forward to using it in Bear

Being able to fold headings would solve the need for an outline view/table of contents… However, for it to be useable there would need to exist shortcuts for easily collapsing/expanding all headings without just hiding everything under a top heading as seems to be currently the case. Seeing that it also works on lists is great, but would probably not include this in the shortcut I’m talking about. Would probably need shortcuts for,

  • collapse/expand all headings (so you get a full outline of the note, currently subheadings get hidden under parent headings. I’m looking for something similar to what you find in most code editors).
  • collapse/expand current heading.

I didn’t realise until this bump that folding counts as an edit. That is fairly annoying; one way of sorting notes is by most recently edited/added. It would be frustrating to bump any reviewed note to the top of the list just because you toggled the fold. (They acknowledge that as a downside of the implementation.)

As it is currently implemented, I probably won’t use folding, but will keep testing alpha and happy to use it in beta if it’s a bit smoother


I also did not realize this until seeing this post. That’s a major downside to folding which is otherwise delightful! Please consider changing this behavior if possible.

I second (third, whatever), the request for global fold for headers, and would suggest that one could select to which level (1st, 2nd or 3rd headers).

Can’t wait for all this to be integrated into Bear… I know you guy have been cagey about timelines… but any idea?

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@matteo Is there a folding/unfolding keyboard shortcut on iPad? E.g., the cmd-click doesn’t work. Would love a fast way to fold/unfold.
Thanks for the great work!

Cmd + ‘ should work. It is the common shortcut for both mac and ipad.

yes, for me the keyboard shortcut is cmd ‘

Sorry I should have been clearer, I meant mouse click shortcut such as “cmd-click” on iPad with Magic Keyboard.

Yay! We’re happy to hear that, loving that enthusiasm :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you for taking the time to share some feedback.

Regarding your comment, we’re also working on implementing a table of contents view too!

Regarding the shortcut suggestions, I believe this is planned, but many thanks for the examples. I’ll pass them onto the rest of the team to consider when moving forward.

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Thank you for providing your opinion on this. I’ll pass it onto the team to have a think about :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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