Panda iOS line width too wide

Maybe I am nitpicking here, but I think the line width is a bit too wide to the point that it feels zoomed in or if the screen is too small. This is on a 6.1 inch iphone, on the ipad it is great. I do not know if you will let us set the line width. If not please consider changing the line width. A combination of the original app and panda would be great.

Hello there!

Just want to be sure, are you talking about the separator pointed by the arrow in the following image?

The separator in Panda, as in Bear, extends to the whole horizontal width of the text container (as you can see from the margins that I’ve inserted in the screenshot above).

In Bear we had to have more horizontal margin around the text container, because of some markers (headers, lists) that were drawn outside the text container; now we have more space for what’s very important inside Bear: your note’s text! This means that the text container is larger and the spacer is larger as well.

Thank you so much for your feedback!


Sorry I was a bit unclear. I meant the width the text has (so the blue vertical lines in your picture). For me, it is too close to the edge of the screen which makes the screen feel too small.

Oh, thank you Oscar, now I understand.

Currently it is not planned to have an option to change that width on iPhone, but I’m noting down your request and I will bring it to the whole team when time will come to think about the preferences in Bear 2.0.