Hoping line width limitations aren't part of the plan

I just made maximized a Panda window for the first time, and the text remained in the middle 50% of the screen with inches-wide gutters on each side. I’m assuming this is because Panda is just the stand-alone editor and that Preferences > Editor > Line Width isn’t going away, but I thought this was worth mentioning. Being able to go full-screen width with the text is an important part of how I used Bear. I word most of my notes in ways that deliberately avoid textwrapping when the window is full-width. If the maximum line width becomes much narrower in the future, it will mess up hundreds of documents for me.

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Hello there,

the Line Width setting is not going away. When we’ll integrate the editor back to Bear all your settings will still be there :slight_smile:


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Thanks for letting me know.

This is an old thread, but in Bear stable, setting the line width to max doesn’t fill the window if it’s wide enough. It’s still only a <50% width column in the middle (on a 5K display.) It seems to top out at ~1040px.

I know this is a Panda thread, and Panda doesn’t have prefs, but could we consider making the max value on the line width slider be 100% of window?