Panda keeps adding file extensions when I try to change them

Testing version:
Version 1.0 (2510)

What were you doing:
Trying to rename a .markdown file to a .md file while saving the file.

What feature did you use:
Saving a file

What happened:
I jumped to the end of the filename and started to backspace over the “.markdown” extension, which then resulted in .markdow.markdown etc.etc.etc. until I was fed up :wink:

What did you expect to happen:
Being able to remove the extension and replace it by something I wanted to use. I may have noticed that Bear imports from .md files and not .markdown or something similar.

Hi Anne,

Thank you for taking the time to report the above.

This is just how the Editor behaves at the moment.

Currently, the Editor allows only registered markdown extensions. We only register “.md”, the “.markdown” may be coming from somewhere else.

I consulted a member of the development team regarding this. We tested this and were able to switch between .md and .markdown without any issues. Therefore, it might be an underlying issue over on your side.

If you have any further information, or have any other queries or questions, please let me know as i’d be happy to help :slight_smile: