How do I stop Panda from converting filetype automatically?


I really really love the new Panda, but I would like to stop it from automatically change from markdown to the bear file format. I know this is possible by not using some of the functionality, but is there a way to stop this automatic behaviour? It messes with my other apps I’m using for roundtrip editing purposes, especially when using it inside Devonthink where it will disappear if it happens.


Hi there,

Do you mean the format that the file gets saved down as? If so, it may change due to the contents of the file - e.g. if it includes images etc.

When saving a Panda file by going to “Panda” > “File” > “Save” (or ⌘S) it will let you choose the desired format in the “File Format” section.

Hoping this helps, but if I can be of any further assistance let me know!