Transfer Panda Notes To Bear 2.0

I’m just about to start using Panda and have a slight concern, with regards to any notes taken in Panda, and how they’ll transfer to Bear 2.0 - so is it safe to use Panda right now?

As far as I am aware, the notes you create using the Panda application will not be transferred to Bear 2.0.

This is because Panda is an alpha software for testing the new editor coming to Bear 2.0.

However, the notes you write in Bear 1.x will be transferred to the new CommonMark format when Bear 2.0 is released. The majority of notes will be unchanged, with a few small exceptions.

I didn’t mean transferred automatically - I mean will they be transferable withe ease.

Hello there,

Panda is saving all your files in .md or .panda (which is just a .textpack file), both of those formats are pure Markdown with the additions of files/images for the .panda.

So yes, it will be really easy to import the files you’re writing with Panda in Bear 2.0 as the underlying format is 100% the same :slight_smile: