Moving notes from panda to bear 2.0 with folder names


I tried to look for an answer for this question but I couldn’t find a clear answer.

I was using Panda since it can out, the notes are sorted in folders, each folder is for specific topic.

Can I import the whole folder to the Bear 2.0 so that the folder name will convert to a tag in Bear 2.0, and each sub folder will be the children tag in Bear 2.0.

I think i have to move them manually, I asked just in case if someone has a way to do this.

I’m enjoying using the Bear 2.0 as my main note taking app. Keep the great work.

This could likely be done with a Python script. If you aren’t a coder I can write something and tell you how to run it on your Mac

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I really appreciate it if you can do it.
you will save me a lot of time and effort from transferring them manually.

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