How to Export notes from Panda

Hey everyone. I started using Panda at uni and I love it (congrats to the developers!) but I didn’t understand how can I export notes so that I can share them with non-Panda users (I’m mainly thinking of exporting in PDF which was an option in Bear)…
Anyone can help me?


As you know, Panda was just created to test the new editor for Bear; so, many of those features don’t exist today.

If you open the .md file with the TextEdit app you can export as a PDF and even share from the File menu. Keep in mind, this will only work if an .md file not .panda.

Hi there,

Thank you! Glad to hear that you are liking Panda.

Panda is just .textpack (a zipped textbundle), so it’s an open format that can be imported back into Bear or any app that read those kind of files.

You can even unzip those and retrieve the Markdown and files directly from it.

There’s no specific export button at the moment, but all the files are already accessible to the users.

For example if you are looking to import Panda notes into Bear, you can go to Bear > import notes > iCloud drive > Panda > select the note.

Hoping this helps!

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