While Testing Panda - need better export

I really like Panda, and I want to test it more. However, without a good way to export the content I’ve created, I will not use it very often. If you could at least give us PDF export, I’ll use Panda more often. Otherwise, my content is stuck in Panda.

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It doesn’t seem like there’s much need to ‘export’, as the notes are stored as plain text in a folder. You should be able to open them in just about any editor.

Disagree. Unlike many here who use markdown, I do not. Therefore, I lose table formatting (that is my biggest issue).

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Hi @danmills7, if this information helps at all, I’ve been following the alpha for a while now and I’m guessing the guys at Bear won’t be adding new features to Panda.

They seem to really be focusing only on integrating features into Panda that will make it to the Editor in Bear. My main reason on even mentioning this to you is the Print menu option is even disabled. Additionally, this is in alpha, not even in beta yet (although their site “Beta Bear” does make that confusing).

Thank you @Arbalest - all good points. I’ll be patient. :slight_smile: