Two Shortcuts for Export and Print of Panda Notes

Shortcuts for export and print of Panda notes

Hi :panda_face: lovers,
While waiting for print function in Bear 2.0 beta/release, I made a couple of shortcuts to export/print notes created in Panda alfa.

The first one converts .panda files and opens them in Ulysses for styled print/export there. Supports Panda’s resized images, PDF preview and footnotes.

The second one simply extract .panda files and imports it into current Bear-note app, and you can use export or print from there.

Neither of them supports proper table formatting, so we have to wait for Bear 2.0 beta for that – I hope …

Runs in Shortcut app on MacOS Monterey, iPadOS and iOS.
Test it out and modify as needed.

Have a good day or night, wherever you are :sunglasses:

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