Printing ability

Will you be adding printing soon? I could see myself using this as my default text app and really giving it thorough testing, if so. I usually print to PDF.

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All the exports are missing from the alpha, as soon as those are added you’ll be able to print :slight_smile:

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Sorry to bother you. But it’s November now, I can’t see you team has made any new features since April. It’s still Alpha I think ( according to still missing printing function).

Hey, bro. I’m really thinking about change another Markdown editor, and I don’t think you team are still working on this one. So if you guys have really aborted this thing, please make us informed, will u?

It has been long. 1.5 years since I first posted.

There was a release a few days ago. Also “Bro” tone it down.

Hi there,

We are constantly updating Panda, adding new features, tweaks, and bug fixes. The latest version of Panda can be seen discussed here: Panda release notes 1.0(2510)

Panda is just a test version of the new Editor for Bear at the moment. It is not intended for heavy work, more just for testing.

We understand that if Bear/Panda doesn’t fulfil your current needs you may require an alternative and that’s ok.

We sincerely wish you well on your productivity journey if you decide that you require an alternative.

But we’ll always be here for you if you’ve any further questions or decide to stick around.

Regardless, hoping you’ve a Beary nice day :bear:

I’ve seen this boilerplate message before and I have to say as a long-time user, I consider it condescending. Thought you should know.