Panda subscription:

Maybe this isn’t something Shiny Frog is ready to share, but I’m wondering whether Panda is going to be subscription based or a paid up front app?

This is still open to discussions but we are considering the paid up front or one time in-app purchase business models. The latter comes with some issues about what should be free or not.


Excellent. I have no thoughts about those two options, but glad to hear that it sounds destined to be a purchase rather than a subscription.

Personally, I’m more willing to pay a higher cost and buy the app rather than subscribing. Bear has always felt like my own personal little notebook, and buying my notebook just makes me more connected with it.

So I’m glad that one time purchase options are being considered.

I do not think that bear will be offered as one time purchase. The plans are related to the panda app as filebased note app

Panda seems more suited to a one-time purchase. I love Panda and use it regularly, but I can’t actually say I’d pay a subscription for it (and I’m usually willing to do subscriptions for good software, e.g. Bear).

Panda just feels like too much of a lightweight utility to be paying a recurring fee for.

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Oh, I thought Panda was the code name for Bear 2. Thanks for clearing the confusion.