Paste as plain text inside table cell breaks the table

Testing version:

Version 2.0 (11208)

What were you doing:

Trying to paste some text into a table cell

What feature did you use:

I had some rich text in the clipboard, so I wanted to use the “paste as plaintext”.

What happened:

The content isn’t inserted into the table cell and is instead added to the beginning the table markdown, thus breaking the markdown.


Before paste:

| test1              | test2 |
| test1-cell-content |       |

After trying to paste “test2-cell-content” using “paste as plaintext” into the empty cell

test2-cell-content| test1              | test2 |
| test1-cell-content |       |

What did you expect to happen:

I expected the content to be pasted into the table cell.

| test1              | test2              |
| test1-cell-content | test2-cell-content |