Pasting tables as text

Testing version: 1.0 (362)

What were you doing: Pasting text formatted as a table in markdown

What feature did you use: Tables

What happened: Didn’t format as a table if there were trailing space characters on lines. Fails

What did you expect to happen: Ex[ected Bear to create 3 column table

  1. I successfully pasted text -> table, but noticed that if a row had trailing spaces that row and subsequent rows just paste as text.
  2. If the separator |-----| underneath the header row has trailing spaces, none of the table is formatted.
  3. Removing trailing spaces after the separator |-----| results in the table formatting correctly.
    Ideally I’d expect trailing spaces and tabs to be ignored as these can easily be missed in cut and paste.

Example text:
This has spaces after separator row, and after Dave’s row

Country Day Time
Bob Tues 20.1
Mike Weds 20.2
Dave Thurs 20.2
Steve Thurs 25.3