Pasting into a markdown link URL should just paste the URL

Testing version: 2.0 (10688)

What were you doing: Pasting a link into a markdown URL.

I typed [my text]( and pasted a URL.

What feature did you use: Markdown editing + auto-fill title when pasting web addresses

What happened: Bear expanded the pasted URL into a markdown link with a title

What did you expect to happen: Because the context was already a markdown link, it should not have expanded it to a link.

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More info: the browser (Firefox) is copying it as public.utf-plain-text, but when Bear inspects the clipboard and sees a URL, it adds public.url and net.shinyfrog.bear.url-name to the pasteboard. When it sees [x]( or similar, it should fall back to plain text. Pasting with ⌥⇧⌘V is a workaround, but not ideal.

This edge case probably gets me about 2-3 time a week. I’d love it if the pasting behavior of links could be slightly smarter here.

This sounds like a good improvement to the editor experience but might be very tricky to differentiate the paste for this particular scenario and leading to errors. I’ll keep note of this and we’ll discuss after Bear 2 release.

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