Pasted external links get underlined

Testing version: 2.0 (10816) MacOS,
Browser: Edge Version 112.0.1722.48

What were you doing: Pasting web links from browsers

What feature did you use: Paste

What happened: Links are pasted as markdown links as expected, but they are now decorated with underline as well (the tilde ` is added before and after).

What did you expect to happen:

  1. Expected external links to be pasted as in Bear 1 (and earlier B2 betas?), without underline.

  2. If this is intended feature, please add an option to turn it off.

  3. “Auto fill title when pasting web addresses” in settings, still has no effect if switched off. But guess that’s on your todo list?

Update: this seems to be is browser dependent:

  1. Safari seems to respect the Settings switch and has no underline.

  2. Same links copied from Edge, are underlined and doesn’t respect settings switch.
    Egde also gives a fuller page title in pasted links than Safari

  3. Copying from Chrome doesn’t give titled links.

  4. FireFox seems to behave like Safari.

  5. Need to restart Bear for this setting to take effect (Safari and FireFox only)

So Safari and FireFox behaves as expected.

I do prefer Edge’s more descriptive named links, except the underline.

I got to simulate this and the underline is indeed present on paste, but only if the original link has the underline because Edge fills the pasteboard with the rich text representation of link+text. The result is something like this ~[Bing]( Removing the external markers removes the underline.

We can’t do much here, the rich text is correctly converted to markdown. You can right click and use “copy link” to avoid the underline.

Thank you Danilo,

I’m actually almost always selecting and copying the links in the browsers address bars, where it looks like plain text without any formatting in all the different browsers.

But since copying exactly same link from these four above mentioned browsers gives different results, I guess it’s not really plain text anyway,

When I paste into Drafts using the Paste MD link action, this action actually pulls the page info from the web using its own web interface.

I assumed Bear did the same thing, but maybe not?

PS. I use paste via this action in Drafts on iOS/iPad and then into Bear, since Bear on these devices doesn’t support paste link with title. Is this on the horizon?