PDF sizes are massive

Is there a way to compress PDF files within Bear?
If I add a couple of photos from my iPhone to a document, the file size is massive. The screenshot below is a photo of my cup of coffee taken within the bear camera function. This single photo and the line of text results in an 18.7MB PDF. Taking the same photo using the iPhone camera app results in a 1.6MB picture….so what is Bear doing to increase that photo in a PDF tenfold?


Nudging in the hope of any answer

This is supposed to be a forum for the beta version. Any chance you can try Bear’s 2 PDF export?

Sadly, there was no space on the iOS beta and my Mac (whilst able to run the eventual release of v2) can’t run TestFlight.

My apologies, I should’ve put in my original post that I was wondering if users of the version two beta could confirm if PDF sizes were still an issue.