Some feedback on images and printing in the iPad version (Beta: build 10759)

Some small things that would improve the iPad experience:

  • I think the resizing handle in the bottom right of images should be visible by default like on the Mac. There’s no reason to require right-clicking and choosing “resize” like on the iPhone. TBH, it took me a while to figure out this is what I needed to do to resize the picture.
  • When dragging and dropping an image from another window onto a Bear document, it doesn’t work unless I tap on the document first with another finger to reveal the cursor. This is very counter intuitive. Dropping things onto an open Bear document should work every time.
  • when printing out a document on the iPad, there’s a mismatch between the image size as seen in Bear, and the image size as seen in print. I tried to fit a document with an image onto a page, and I had to make it about twice as small on the iPad as I wanted it to be for the printed document to have the right image size.