Bring back old maximize image behavior on iOS

Maximizing an image on Bear 1 was perfect IMO - take over the entire screen and swipe to navigate between multiple images.

I LOVE Bear 2 (switched back after a 3 year absence using Roam, Obsidian, and Tana) but the new maximize behavior only uses a small part of the screen on iPads and doesn’t really show much more detail than before. It would be wonderful to either restore the old version or at least have the image be larger. A picture can be worth a thousand words and it would be wonderful if they can have the space and size to really shine.

Thank you!

Update: I realized that this is particularly notable on iPad (which I presume hasn’t been a big focus) and that while I still prefer the original behavior on the iPhone, it’s functionally similar enough. Simply making the iPad modal larger would help a lot.


Yeah fully agree here, I actually posted about this after viewing images on just the iPhone: Better full screen view for images on iOS

The full screen view is better for images on iPhone and iPad, like what Apple Notes does.

Looks like this is basically the new behavior post today’s happy and works well enough for me (I’d probably have the dark screen be the default, rather than having it switch on tap, (so the reverse of the current behavior) but it works great in practice.)

I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to see with the latest update: it’s mentioned that images open in full screen when tapped but they don’t on iPhone at least. It’s the same almost-fullscreen modal like before.

I fully agree, especially with viewing/editing (markup) bigger pdf attachments the pop-out window is not very effective and actually clutter the view (you do not need to see background “around” image consisting of original note. Why would it be helpful? (I am as well as OP commenting appearance on iPad, not so much iPhone). Thanks!

Yeah, the iPad version is “fixed” for me, but not iPhone. My bad.