Images got shrunk in iOS Beta (10759)

Testing version: 10759

What were you doing: Viewing a note with PNG images

What feature did you use: Simply viewing the note

What happened: All of the images were extremely small, thumbnails, on my iPad. On the iPhone they were ok but after exiting and viewing the note again, then started to display a smaller size, unreadable. I can still double-tap them to open up but it was much better behavior previously.

What did you expect to happen: I expected that the width and aspect ratios would be handled better to display more of the image. In B1, the images were quite small, but in B2, these seemed to be handled much better… until today’s update.


I opened Bear this morning and now the images are back to normal. Not sure what it was. Maybe it was t refreshing properly, or the cache?

I noticed that on the iPad as I move between viewing all 3 panes or just 2 or 1, the images adapt in size. Before it seemed it remained smaller rather than change with more space. This is why I am thinking a cache or refresh issue.