Automatic thumbnails for images in notes

The resizing feature of Bear 2 is great, but it would nice to have the option to post photos and pdf images as thumbnails. I’m not sure of others, but my default for image size would be thumbnail, as I was able to do in Bear 1. Having to resize images in Bear 2 is inconvenient. Having said that, Bear 2 is an excellent product. My compliments to the team for an extremely well done application.

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Hi @ecurb, thank you for your feedback on the images and your kind words! We are currently still in the process of debating and researching thumbnails for Bear 2. When we switched from B1 to B2 we rewrote the entire app, so rolling back older features is not so simple. We would have to rebuild it again from scratch.

I will add your vote to the list for thumbnails to return :raised_hands:

Thanks, I really appreciate your response. And, two thumbs up for your new Bear Community.

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I suggest following what Apple Notes is doing: either full sizes or thumbnails, or individually set to thumbnail or full size.