Thumbnail options please

Testing version: 2.0

What were you doing: Resizing images

What feature did you use: Bottom right hand corner resizer

What happened: No uniformity from picture to picture

What did you expect to happen: All pics having a similar size when shrunk down to smallest size possible

I like the ability to resize, but in daily note taking for work I end up with a ton of images in a note and Apple Notes allows me to turn all images in the note into thumbnails for easier viewing of the note. Currently we have to resize every image individually which is time consuming, but worse, if the images are all different sizes, then there’s no real uniformity in them. It would be great if you can just pic a size for vertical and horizontal images (for example, no matter if H or V, the left side will be 20 px, or something like that). This allows us to more easily have a line of photos all on the same line. Currently, I have to go through, resize everything and then use delete and enter to try to move pics around without accidentally deleting them. For my current job, I’m doing this every single day and end up just using Apple Notes instead because it’s 10x faster. Would love the feature in Bear.

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