Settings for image

I hope: when insert an image or click to select the image in note, show a float-action-menu at the top right corner, in which can setting some properties of image, such as:

  1. image size
  2. image shadow
  3. image border
  4. crop image

Images can be sized by dragging already. Or do you want to enter dimensions numerically?

Crop would sure be nice.

I wonder if Apple allows third party Mac apps to integrate the Markup UI (which includes a crop tool) like Apple Notes. Or is that only on iOS?

As a new user to Bear who jumped straight into the Beta as I’ve been desperate to find as close to a perfect Apple Notes replacement as possible, it took forever to find the resize option in the Mac app and only found it by accidentally clicking on the bottom-right corner. Honestly, the drag icon that appears seemed to be too light and translucent, but that could be my aging eyes. While I would likely never enter dimensions manually, having an option in the menu to resize it when the image is selected would be nice. Or letting us resize from all 4 corners would be good as well. Also, if you end up leaving the current method as is, having the drag bar darker or more visible would also be nice.

Also, considering imported images directly from Photos brings it as is. A basic crop feature would be awesome for a quick “Take a picture > immediately add to note” workflow.

Crop and resize are already built in. Really liked the snapping so the sizes stay consistent. I guess more aspect ratios in crop would be welcome.
I think keeping it simple is important with photos in notes. Adding rounded corners, frames and shadow would be a really nice addition though. Anything else can be done by a photo editor.