Image View Behaviour / Fullscreen Mode (iOS)


So currently if you tap on an image on iOS it loads in a popover window. If you then tap on the popover window it makes the popover background black.

This has a couple issues for me in terms of ux:

  • When an image is full screen, it looks a bit odd (on the iphone) due to the sliver of background that is still visible and the top (initially thought it was a display glitch).
  • On the iPad the image is also cropped to the popover window. This means that the image remains pretty tiny - it is the same size as the original image in the text.
  • Finally, on the ipad, when you tap the window it’s background goes black but the window behind it stays white, which is a little odd.

While the new gallery browser functionality of the popover window is pretty neat, the lack of a full screen mode feels like a bit of a regressions from Bear.

In terms of use case, I have a fair amount of screenshots, diagrams and reference images in Bear. At the moment I can easily tap them to go fullscreen. In Panda I can’t go full screen, and, as the images are often in a widescreen format, they are significantly less legible when cropped to the popover window.

It would be great to get a fullscreen mode back. TBH I’m not particularly taken by the popover window (feel that having a fullscreen view would make more sense for marking up images / pdfs etc). However having a full screen mode would

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots comparing how Bear and Panda are displaying the images.