iOS Feedback - Folding, Image View & Keyboard


Some bits and pieces of feedback for panda iOS. Overall initial impressions were pretty great though :slight_smile:

Drawing mode

  • Full screen for drawing - would be good to go full screen. Found the resize icon a bit misleading. Poked it ineffectually a couple of times before I worked out what it did.
  • Trackpad cursor is behaving a bit weird when hovering over pictures - becomes giant. Does the same in Bear so possibly an iOS cursor handling thing. Would be nice it it didn’t. This present some usability issues, as you can’t accurately click on the resize button as the cursor slides over it.

Keyboard and folding

  • Folding is somewhat awkward; would be nice to be able to fold the note without editing it (perhaps a swipe by gesture?).
  • Also find the folding icon kinda funny looking (just doesn’t appear to fit with the other icons to me).
  • On the keyboard bar I find myself missing having some of the more frequent functions visible. Would prefer to have at least bold and italic available.
  • It would be if the keyboard bar acted like the iOS number / symbol keyboard where you could hold down on it and drag to select an item and it would switch back to the regular keyboard on release.

General Feature Requests and Rambling

  • View images full screen: when tapping in images it opens in a slide over pane, I assume so that it can display the markup tools. Pretty much all the time I want to see an image full screen. Would much prefer a full screen view with tapping image switch to hiding the ui and displaying it on black.
  • The ability to lock notes would be good to prevent editing would be really handy. Iirc this has popped up as a feature request before, so a definitle +1 to that feature request!
  • Hot take but not a fan of the pill stying on tags; would it be possible to get theme where it isn’t so prominent? Probably in a minority on this one though. I also have similar feeling about the folding ellipses…



Agree on the tag format, something closer to how other linkages are displayed but with the pound prefix #Tag