Super impressed, sign me up for web access testing

Testing version: IOS
Want to test version: Web browser!

This is one amazing update to the editor, this might actually shut the mouth on all those Reddit users, complaining that the Bear team never delivers any new features. You’ve clearly worked hard and you deliver… :smiley:

I want to come back to Bear bad, however since my work require a PC, the web access is still an absolute necessity to me.

I know you don’t comment on the “when” on coming releases, so instead I’ll just ask whether there will be an invite for us to beta test the web access at some point? I AM READY!

I did have a couple of findings when testing, all of them already mentioned in the bug section. Only notable comments on the UX are:

  • The button for expanding of the drawing area wasn’t intuitive. I thought it was an “expand to full screen”. However I LOVE that there is no full screen, since I hated not being able to see the context. So to me it’s just the icon that needs to be changed. Perhaps to vertical arrows instead of diagonal(?)
  • Toggle folding button makes perfect sense in the menus on each header, I don’t like the rather prominent placement on the keyboard
  • I really really love the dedicated button to go to the top and bottom of a note on the iPad and wish I had those on the iPhone. That combined with the folding headers invites me to write longer, more organized, notes, which I really like. Perhaps there could be room for them as a long press on the buttons for going up and down? (Like when you switch between list types and headings)


thank you for your kind words on Panda :blush:

We’re working on the web version, but Bear 2.0 is still our priority, as soon as we release it we’ll start inviting people on the web beta :wink:

Some answers to your feedback:

  • many are confused by the icon, we’re changing it to make it easier to understand what’s for
  • yes we agree, the folding button on the keyboard was just an experiment, we’ll get rid of that
  • interesting, I’ll discuss with the team if we can fit those button somewhere

Thank you very much for taking the time to write us

  1. I really like the folding button next to the BIU button:
    It’s the fastest way to collapse entire sections while scanning through a long note file. If it’s hidden in the Header menu, it might be used less.
    Even better would be to collapse without having to open the keyboard first, so I can see all the text and the keyboard is not covering any.

  2. Agree, dedicated button to go to the bottom fast is really helpful. I’m using the “Swipe up with two fingers to get to the bottom” feature all the time, much faster than Apple’s implementation of “Drag the scroll bar down”.