Full screen mode on read


Bear 2.0 is amazing! As a suggestion and what I miss after the first version is the “full screen mode”.

For example, in first version of user scrolling a text top menu (or bar at a top) will hide. And user will see only text of note which is super nice and not distracting. In 2.0 version we always see note title at a top menu (or top bar).

And in the first version there was a more pleasant design, as there were indents from the edge of the text on the right and left.

Thanks for your great work!

Hi Alex,
Do you mean anything other than what these commands do?

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 16.45.18

Something similar to. Most of all I use the program on the phone. Therefore, this post is more about the mobile version.

In first version it was something like this

But in 2.0 for iOS it’s always show note title.

Ah, I see! Thank you!

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