What do you want to see in Bear 2.0 on release?

I am curious what features people would really like to see whenever the official release comes in all platforms?

Personally i would go

  1. Typewriter Mode

  2. Workspaces that would allow much much better organization of notes besides the tags.

  3. 4-6 new themes. Hopefully something softer and more aesthetic than the ones we already have. Think brown bear not techno bear folks. :bear:

These are my REALLY want to haves.What are yours?


Folders is wrong direction. Bear has true system of note organisation.


Well quite honestly I am sure the featureset in Bear2.0 is already set in stone. I would be more of a wishlist of items post-release. I do most of my writing on an ipad, so i am anxiously awaiting that which I suspect will drop soon.

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Typewriter mode is a key feature for me.
Another thing I’d like to see is collapsible sections.


Yes. org-mode has such behavior. It’s very convenient.

This is great news, thank you! I can’t wait to try a new app.

Typewriter. But I’d rather see them get a polished 2.0 up first, and then add that later.

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My 1 request is note versioning.

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Rather than throwing all requests into this one thread i would either create an own thread for each request or put the request into an already existing one. That improves the chance for discussion and communication


I would like the search results to be sorted by relevance, as in iA Writer, macOS Spotlight and DEVONthink. The token @title only partially solves this problem :frowning:

Hi there!

Yep, first of all — typewriter mode.
The second — graph (lol, but why not? Bear are great for PKM)

I need larger fonts in notes list views.

My biggest hurdle to using Bear has always been the tiny fonts used in the notes lists views on iOS. In general, would like the option for larger fonts in all versions (iOS, iPadOS, and macOS), in all places. The larger font options for the actual notes are gorgeous, and very usable. But when I open the app on my iPhone and don’t have my glasses on, I can’t even read the names of the notes.

This is a pretty big accessibility problem – one that Apple’s Notes, and several other apps handle beautifully. Dynamic Type for list views in iOS is really quite easy now, and shown off in a lot of Apple’s own sample code. For macOS, a couple font size options for the notes and sidebar list would be a huge win.

Overall, Bear is my favorite writing app already today, and the Panda editor changes look amazing. But not being able to pull out my phone and read my list of notes keeps forcing me to drop using Bear.

My hope is Bear developers don’t take on anything that would keep Bear 2.0 from being delivered in Q1 2023. :slight_smile:

Despite years of hearing about and hoping for Bear 2.0, I’ve somehow convinced myself that we’ll not only have Bear 2.0 released in Q1 2023, but also see subsequent releases/updates of Bear measured in weeks or months instead of years. I really don’t want to spend the next 6-12 months talking about what features we want to see in Bear 2.0 when it’s released in 2024. :wink:


I’d like to see a Gallery view for my notes. Sometimes I just like to display my notes in a similar way to cards, like Google Keep and Evernote do. Not terribly important, but would be a welcome feature as it changes the way I “think” about all the notes in a topic. Sometimes I gather all my “scrap” notes and put them side by side to see them as one whole picture, etc. Love everything the team is doing, can’t wait for the iOS and iPadOS apps.


Honestly, the amount of work they’ve already done, polished as the Bear team have a history of doing, is way more than enough for me. I absolutely love Bear, and I’m excited for a rock-solid 2.0 release with the new editor, OCR, backlinks, etc.

That said, in future incremental 2.x versions, I would absolutely love to see typewriter mode, a VIM-style editing mode, and workspaces and themes sound great too.


The only thing I want to see on release is a date that’s very soon. :wink:


Out of curiosity: what is vim-style editing mode?

Vim is a modal editor. There is a normal-mode (moving around, updating, deleting) and an insert-mode (inserting text) for entering text. The modes allow for a really powerful way to edit text. Most text editors and IDEs have some sort of Vim keybindings either natively or provided through a plugin. I imagine that it’s primarily used by software developers, but once you get used to editing text with Vim-style keybindings, you tend to really miss it without.

Still have no idea about that. Seems to be something special :wink:

It’s a nerdy software dev thing. People who love vim love it and want it everywhere. People who don’t can’t usually even close the damn app because its keybindings are so idiosyncratic. In other words: something nowhere close to Bear’s stated target audience and design goals.