What do you want to see in Bear 2.0 on release?

something nowhere close to Bear’s stated target audience and design goals.

Hahaha, this is 100% fair. Still though, I would love to see it in Bear as a hidden feature to enable – I really appreciate Obsidian’s approach to Vim keybindings (and the process of enabling them).

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That’s the thing, Bear doesn’t do hidden features, Easter eggs, three-page-deep preference panes. It’s supposed to woo you with its simplicity and opinionated design. It’s like expecting a Ferrari to ship an RV mod.

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I will absolutely agree with you about Bear’s simplicity and opinionated design, and I certainly appreciate this. I am curious as to what percentage of people would enable Vim bindings if given the choice.

I suppose one could always learn the Emacs bindings that are built-into MacOS. Though I’ve always personally found them to be a bit awkward to use, I’ll take this short discussion as an impetus to finally learn and make use of what’s already built-in for more efficient editing.

I’d like a “feature” called, launch SOON! then iterate. It’s seems Waterfall mindset, instead of Agile is used by Bear.


Can we hide markup code?

Hey guys, is it possible to hide the markup code in our notes…??

So instead of seeing ** this is bold **

I just see this is bold

It can sometimes be really visually distracting

Cheers guys :slight_smile:

Yup that is exactly Bear 2.0!

Bear 2 hides Markdown characters by default and only shows them if you click on a Markdown’ed item.

I consider myself as an experienced user but I still don‘t know what these vim bindings do or what they are good for. Probably so the most bear users.

While this is nice. I’d move for them to add Collapsible Sections as another option since I don’t always want to have a larger header or Bold text like with H6. Also having an always present collapse/expand button next to the Collapsible Sections title would make it easier to navigate. I like how Upnote implemented it

Just the non-regression and Panda :slightly_smiling_face: