Persistent Info Panel iOS - BUG?/FEATURE?

Marked this Feature, but this straddles the line of BUG/FEATURE REQUEST.
v2.1 (12274) iPhone iOS
When accessing the info panel for a note, I’m able to navigate out of the note, back to last notes list view, and the info panel persist. It purges the notes metrics. If I open the next note, the info panel repopulates the panel with the new notes metrics. (Video attached).
Based on other MacOS or iPadOS versions not conveying this behavior, I assume this is not intended. When backing out of a note where the info panel is visible, the info panel closes.
However, I actually thought it was a feature at first. I know several folks have mentioned the desire for a persistent info panel (including myself). Personally, this would be a huge boost for me as I leverage a journal/reference strategy for most all notes captured. Being able to go to say a “project”, open the info panel and be able to drill into backlinks and back out to find the right note would be amazing.
The issue is, that even though the info panel persist on note close, the underlying list is not scrollable, and therefore you are unable to access any notes that fall below the info panel UI. If this note list scroll was enabled, it would provide the desire functionality, even if not in the cleanest way.
If we could get some sort controls on backlinks, that would be amazing. A simple way to implement this would be to apply user defined sort order on notes, to the backlinks view. As a first pass, just changing the default sort from ALPHA-NUMERIC (ASC) to MODIFIED DATE (DESC) would be a game changer for me personally.
A use case… I’m using daily journal pages to manage most capture across all my notes. This includes meeting minutes, touchpoints, or anything really. I used page references to backlink to projects, areas, etc. With that I can go to the project note and open up backlinks and see a full dated lineage of the project. Some of our projects are years long with many touchpoints. Based on the current sort behavior of backlinks, I always have to scroll for some time to get to relevant notes. Having the latest on top would make this far more useful (for me).
Thanks for listening!

Hello and thank you very much for reporting this bug and for your feedback regarding backlinks. We’ll fix this issue with the next update.