Pinned tags are not visually set off from unpinned ones

(Version 2.0 (10641))

I really like the new pinned tags feature and I think I’ll use it a lot.

One thing I’m running into is that the pinned rag section is not visually set off from the unpinned tag. There is a pin icon to the far right (which isn’t the easiest to tell exactly which row it’s associated with at a glance). But when visually looking down the left-hand side. I just see one long list of tags. I’m used to thinking of the list as alphabetical, but now due to the pinned tags my brain starts to say “I don’t know what order the tags are in”.

Above the tags are “Notes/Archive/Trash”, and those have a space between them and the tags to set them off. If something like that space was added in between the pinned and unpinned tags, I think that would help. The pinned ones would be more clearly visually set off, and my brain would be able to see “the unpinned tags are alphabetized.”

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