Please add support for Mermaid


I appreciate the considerations previously expressed regarding integrating Mermaid support in Bear’s Markdown editor, particularly the viewpoint on the existence of dedicated diagramming tools. However, the growing trend among Markdown editors to support Mermaid diagrams suggests a significant shift toward more integrated, versatile documentation environments. Here’s why I believe Bear should join this movement:

Meeting User Expectations

As Mermaid support becomes more common in Markdown editors, users expect this functionality to be a standard feature. By adopting Mermaid, Bear would meet current user expectations and stay competitive.

All-in-One Documentation Solution

Including Mermaid would position Bear as an all-encompassing tool for writing and diagramming, eliminating the need for external tools. This integration aligns with the user preference for streamlined, all-in-one solutions, enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.

Attracting a Diverse User Base

The versatility that comes with Mermaid support can attract a broader audience, including developers, project managers, and educators, who require integrated text and diagramming capabilities for their documentation and note-taking processes.

Simplifying the Documentation Process

Mermaid diagrams allow for creating complex visualizations with simple syntax directly within Markdown files. This simplicity reduces the learning curve associated with external diagramming tools, making sophisticated documentation accessible to more users.

Enhancing Collaborative Workflows

With remote work and digital collaboration on the rise, the ability to create, share, and edit diagrams within a single platform is invaluable. Mermaid support in Bear would facilitate smoother collaboration on projects requiring textual and visual documentation.

Adapting to Markdown Evolution

Markdown is no longer just about text; it’s evolving to incorporate various forms of rich content, including diagrams. Supporting Mermaid would ensure that Bear remains at the forefront of this evolution, offering a modern, comprehensive documentation tool.

Given the widespread adoption of Mermaid in Markdown editors and its clear advantages in terms of productivity, collaboration, and user engagement, I strongly believe that integrating Mermaid support would significantly enhance Bear’s value proposition. It’s not just about keeping pace with competitors; it’s about anticipating user needs and delivering a superior, integrated documentation experience.

Markdown editors that support Mermaid

  • MWeb Pro for Mac, iPad, and iPhone:
  • typora:
  • Notable:
  • Notion:
  • Joplin:
  • Github:
  • GitLab:

Thank you for making the case for Mermaid. I especially like that you did some research and included some links. Right now our hands are full working on Panda and the web version of Bear, and who knows what will be the priority after that, but Mermaid is at least on our radar together with MathJax.