Please consider PlantUML/Mermaid/Kroki for the new editor

Hi developers, I’d like to suggest that in the new editor, one of PlantUML/Mermaid/Kroki/etc. diagram script can be embeded. As I know, typora has embeded Mermaid. This is very useful to draw diagrams like UML, time sequence. With this feature, I can also replace the “oversized, uneditable” embeded picture files with the scripts.


Hi there,

Thank you for caring enough about Bear to leave us a post!

Regarding the above, diagram support has been proposed to us before, but it is not something that we’ve heavily considered.

Mainly as there are dedicated apps for this type of thing, and we didn’t want to cross the feature bloat line adding things like this into Bear.

We understand that our current offering isn’t suitable to everyone, which is okay, as Bear is not all things to all people.

However, it is a quite interesting request.

If we did add it, being honest, it wouldn’t be high priority just at the moment.

This is as completion of the web version and the new Editor are the priorities of the development team at the moment.

After this, the team’s time will be freed up more to discuss, consider and possibly implement new features/suggestions.

As this has been requested previously, i’ll add your vote to it and pass on the suggestion to the development team to re-consider moving forward :bear:

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+1 for the request

To give a bit of background. I am a software developer and previously I used Apple Notes pretty much for everything. However, the main reason for switching to Bear was support of markdown to combine notes with code snippets. The main cases for Bear for me is storing knowledge, for research and brainstorming phases.

During research/brainstorming, I sometimes use or plantuml. However, recently I’ve seen that Mermaid has improved a lot and it is supported in some other big note-taking/knowledge base products.