Please make BOLD in table headers adjustable

What do you want?
In tables, I’d like to be able to unbold the title in the top row. At the moment it’s bold by default, without the possibility to change it to regular typeface.

Why do you want this feature?
Manually bolding/unbolding the first row opens up the possibility to choose between a horizontal or vertical table (or even a cross-reference table). Visually that is. IMO that would be more flexible than the current situation.

Right. Anything else?
Yes. I enjoy the special table keyboard on iOS. How cleverly done! :clap:t2:

This is markdown specification. So unfortunately not possible.

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Ah. I see.
Thanks for the explanation. This is probably recurring feedback :wink:

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Let’s say you can check in context menu of a table that it is header-less. Would it also go against markdown specifikation to create on the level of raw markdown an empty header which is not rendered as such in the editor? On export that would lead to a visible empty header - but would that be too confusing?

Yes, header-less tables don’t exist or I’m not aware of extensions (with some following) that allow that. The expectations are to see empty cells of the header when exported.

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I know that headless tables do not exist in markdown. My phrase was unclear and misleading: i meant header-less in regard what you see in bear editor but with empty headers (which exist) in raw markdown

Here a screensho:

The check option “header-less” in bears table context menu shouldn’t cause a header-less table syntax in markdown but just make the first line of rendered table in bear editor invisible

As I wrote, the expectations are to see the empty cells, because If you copy the same table on GitHub or other engines with table support you get the empty header. Also, if you don’t see the header, you can’t remove it.

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