Tables Feedback & some more

Current Quirks with Tables:

  1. The first row always assumes text as title. There will be cases like above screenshot where a user may not want to use a table first row for title. A toggle or some other way to switch between title mode and normal mode for first row would be great!

  2. Size of the Table as you can see in the above pic, for my H2 Title the table size falls so short it’s kinda awkward. Hope we can get a option to resize the table!

  3. And lastly those all [Orderedlist, table, to-do] align with the title in the same line. Maybe they should be inside the title like below Screenshot. I don’t know if this is how markdown works, but this would be nice!

The main concept behind highlighting is, it is something important right ? As we can’t get rid of those :: before and after, for text to stand out we may use Bold, then the whole highlighted text gonna become a big mess like below. Either remove :::: or at least let them stay fully bold without adding markdown just like Headings.

This is how it looks without disturbing text in current editor

Screenshot 2020-05-31 at 5.56.23 PM