Editor 2.0 (Alpha) Feedback

Editor Feedback

Table Feedback

  • would be good to have align row in the table. Use Case: Would like to have table header center aligned but not the table rows or the entire column.
  • Would be nice to be able to define the number or rows or columns while creating the table
    • or add columns or rows with a shortcut
    • it is really painful to click every time we need to add a column or a row.


  • the star seems too big
  • would be nice to see the footnotes maybe at the bottom of the note. Not always u can or will be able to click on the star to see the foot note.

Missing Features

  • Auto generated table of contents. We already have all the heading tags. We can use them to generate the table of contents with anchors to those headings, maybe with a directive.
  • ::Highlighting:: would be nice to be able to choose a colour for highlighting.

There’s actually not a way to do this in standard Markdown specs as is; syntax for alignment is done on a column basis. See here

Rows can be added every time you hit return on a filled cell right now. Not sure how you’re creating tables right now, but if you type in the Markdown, it’s really easy to define the columns upfront. I agree though that adding a row-by-column interface to the button is advisable!

If you start typing the syntax as

| Head1 | head2 | head 3| etc. |
| - | - | - | - |

and then hit return, it will start a table with four columns for you.

Agree that something like a table of contents would be good. On iOS, the Quick Nav fulfills this need, but there’s nothing comparable on macOS. Actually inserting a table of contents might not be the most desirable. Maybe I’m wrong though. When I’m handling Markdown documents with a table of contents plug-in, I’m not always in love with the results.