Rapid table creation using Tab key ("smart dynamic tabs")

It just occurred to me, that we already have a an easy and effective way to create tables: the “Tab” key that’s been with us since typewriters. But we got stuck with the legacy idea of a fixed number of spaces per tab. Why not use the tab key to delineate between columns in each row of data? It seems easier than the markdown syntax by a long-shot and allows for creating tables on the fly without clicking on anything. The spacing should adjust dynamically to align all the columns, as long as adjacent lines above and below have tabs in them as well.

I haven’t thought through wether this would a be a different “table” than the full-on md-syntax table, or just "smart dynamic tabs”. I think I would prefer the latter (in addition to the more full featured md-syntax table also made available as an additional table-making option).

Hi there,

Tables are currently available to see and test in Panda here: Panda - The brand new editor for Bear | Bear App

The current method for creating tables is noted in the link above, and there is no plans to amend this at the moment.

Thank you for your suggestion though, we value all the feedback that comes in!