Please post release notes for every beta update

Would be great if every beta release is accompanied by a post with release notes at least with the same description as the summary that pops up when the version is bumped on TestFlight.
That way we can comment directly about the things asked to test and report any new bugs discovered.
For instance, I’ve just got welcomed with the new Versión 2.0 (11163).
It says something about paragraph continuation but I don’t get what the refer to. So a better clarification note via Update post would be great.
Additionally I discovered a bug that was not there before. The app crashes as soon as I try to open a note in a separated window.
If you post the release notes here, most of the users that experiment the same problem can add its comment about it without necessarily duplicating the report.

Just my $0.02

We can post the changelog here but having people discussing multiple arguments in one thread might result in confusion.

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