Announcing new features in app

Just got a message from Testflight that a new version of Panda was available. Got excited and clicked on the link. CANNOT tell at a glance how the “new” version differs from the previous one, or if, indeed, it is actually newer than the version I began testing months ago. If there are new features or improvements they need to be instantly visible!!!

I believe you have not attended beta versions often. A new version of testflight does not show drastic change and most often need to dig through to find out the changes, or the changes are made under the hood that users might not be able to notice. Also, I found the changes for this beta version to be quite noticeable, such as the new font (shorter) and multiline tables.

Eleanor, you are right. I am new to beta testing. I am also an advertising copywriter and occasional professor of marketing. The process you describe is fine if you assume a target market of software nerds who are willing to invest the time to go through each new version with a fine-toothed comb. I am guessing, however, that most users are folks like me, attracted by the elegance and simplicity of the current version and with plenty of other things to spend our time on. If you want our feedback, a brief “Look here” list and a few pop off the screen pointers to new features should improve your response rate substantially.

I am not sure… I have been involved in quite a lot of beta testing now, and have not seen a single app that had a separate splash screen that pointed out to all the new features except for the one at the start that shows the change log.

If previous practice were locked in stone forever, there would never be any innovation. I don’t know you, and what I say may not be appropriate, but my marketing professional expertise sees a classic mistake, tech nerds assuming that they are communicating with other nerds like themselves. Not a good idea if the goal is a larger user base.

Indeed that is a good idea, and the TestFlight update process does display developer notes when the app is first launched after an update. I’ve attached a screenshot demonstrating what I believe you want. It should have popped up, not sure why it didn’t for you.

I thought the OP was talking about it having arrows or special indication for each of the changes that have occurred, not only the developer’s notes. But if what the OP wants was the note, then yes there is, and it is indeed useful :slight_smile: